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Ever wonder about strange things eroge producers thought were a good idea? You didn’t? Oh well.



ヤミと帽子と本の旅人 タイピングトラベラー

Yami to Boushi to Hon no Tabibito Typing Traveller

Yes, this is a game based on an eroge adaptation that teaches you how to type. The game is composed of screencaps of scenes from the anime and was released over 6 months after the anime ended…by LiveDoor.

I’m not sure why anyone thought this was a good idea and programs like this are only helpful for children, but Yamibou isn’t for children….

Original Game: 2002-12-20

Anime: 2003-10-02 to 2003-12-25

Typing Game: 2004-06-25



水夏 ~SUIKAおー・157章~

Suika ~Oo 157 Shou~

From VNDB:

A ‘Learning Software’ of sorts officially endorsed by the Japanese government aiming to educate people on how to avoid food poisoning, and specifically the ‘Escherichia coli O157:H7’ bacteria strain, a leading cause of foodborne illness.

What better way to educate their youth, right? Combining porn game characters with informative information must have been a winning combination.




#Abyss Boat

This abomination was produced by the fine folks at leaf, who never gave up on their dreams to create video game masterpieces. Leaf’s history of shitty video game attempts spans all the way back to the company’s founding!

Abyss boat is a game only distributed to Leaf Fan Club members and information on it is scarce. The game plays like a shitty Resident Evil clone combined with laughable gameplay. You can find a full play-through on Nico Nico.


The point of this post is to point out the incredible number of similarities between both works. This will be kind of a mix post between criticizing KnS and making note of its original aspects.

Also, screenshots are stolen from various places without permission.


Kara no Shoujo on the left and MnH on the right


At first glance both works hardly share much in common when you compare Mangagamer’s description of Kara no Shoujo to Wikipedia’s description of Mouryou no Hako, but once you delve a bit deeper you have a plethora of similarities.

Firstly, I’ll take both descriptions and add a strikethrough irrelevant shit:

Kara no Shoujo:

The year is 1956; a series of bizarre murders rocks the city of Tokyo. Tokisaka Reiji, an ex-cop turned private eye, joins the investigation at the behest of his friend Uozumi Kyozo, a detective in the MPD. At the same time, he takes on a missing persons’ case at a private all-girls high school, as well as a mysterious request from a girl named Toko to find her true self. As Reiji frantically struggles to crack the case, he learns that the murders bear an uncanny resemblance to a case in which his own fiancé was murdered six years ago. But try as he might, the body count just keeps rising…

Mouryou no Hako:

Police detective Kiba finds himself investigating a very strange case involving a girl hit by a train, her actress sister, and a sinister hospital shaped like a box.As the girl’s friend’s mother becomes obsessed with Mōryō, the police begin finding young girls’ limbs strewn around the countryside in boxes.

Not very similar yet, right? So let’s look at a common theme both share

Box and Shell:

Both of these works focus on the idea of a beautiful young lady being amputated and put inside of a box/shell which induces insanity upon those who see it.


Kara no Shoujo:


The shell in Kara no Shoujo originally starts as a painting which inspires insanity upon a young writer. He murders countless young women in an attempt to perfectly replicate a painting.

Mouryou no Hako:


Fanart found on Pixiv

The sight of a girl seemingly being alive inside of a box leads a young writer to try to create his own girl in a box. He murders countless young ladies in an attempt to replicate what he saw.

Fictional Novels:

Both works share the idea of a fictional work written by one of the characters playing a role in the story. Both of these works are written by the less than sane culprits of both works.

These books are inspired upon their life and serve as a clue for the readers.

No one can be saved:

MnH and KnS are pretty dark works in the idea that the protags are never capable of catching the killer before it’s too late. They both never actually save anyone which creates a rather hopeless atmosphere.

Touko and Kanako:

Both of these girls are mysterious and see an unsociable girl as their “other self” or “reincarnation”.

Other Touko and Yoriko:

Possibly one of the biggest similarities between characters. Yoriko and Touko and unsociable and befriend a mysterious girl who they consider to be absolutely perfect. They live with their mother and they don’t get along very well with them. Their actions ultimately lead to their death and the person they hold dearest.


An unsociable girl who finds friendship with a mysterious girl who she considers perfect and considers herself to be Touko’s “other self”. She begins to idolize her to the point of obsession. Her jealousy of Touko’s relationship with Reiji leads her to hurting Touko by mistake. She takes a train and ends up at the murderers house where she is invited to tea before being killed. The murderer attempts to recreate his object of obsession and fails.


An unsociable girl who finds friendship with a mysterious girl who she considers perfect and considers herself to be Touko’s “other self” Kanako’s “reincarnation”. She begins to idolize her to the point of obsession. Her jealousy of Touko’s relationship with Reiji leads her to hurting Touko by mistake   sight of Kanako’s pimple makes her realize she isn’t perfect and pushes Kanako into a train. She takes a train and ends up at the murderers house She meets the killer she is invited to be his model for a painting before being killed. The murderer attempts to recreate his object of obsession and fails.

More to come if I feel like it.

Part 2




Shiizaki Hinaki

yande.re 235100 aikura_chihiro dress summer_dress takeuchi_takashi tsuki_no_sango type-moon

Takeuchi Takashi

yande.re 235037 aozaki_aoko koyama_hirokazu kuonji_alice mahou_tsukai_no_yoru seifuku shizuki_soujuurou type-moon

Koyama Hirokazu


Takamori Yuu



Jisatsu 001


Complete scan that probably should be cleaned.

Download: http://www.mediafire.com/?1jzm7bb0mb97jf1


Shoujobyou was a sequel of sorts to Duke’s other game Jisatsu no Tame no 101 no Houhou, but was never released. Various magazine scans and 2 demo movies can be found on the net if you look hard enough.


The music would be composed by Yett11, scenario by Kingetsu Ryuunosuke(known for his work on Futakoi Alt and Manabi Straight), and art by 貴森裕友/貴森ゆう.

The planned release date was in 2003 and they even distributed a small book for the fans(see below)


As far as I know there is no complete scan available, but here’s the most complete version I’ve found: http://www.mediafire.com/?x9egsqgy5h8f7fr

It contains a few images and a short story.


It doesn’t look like anyone scanned the designs for the book(On the left).

In 2003 production came to a halt and finally resumed when Blasterhead approached Kingestsu. Blasterhead bought the rights to the game for a large sum of money and Kingestsu offered to rewrite the script for free.

Blasterhead assembled a team of very talented composers and a new artist.


Blasterhead opened a site for Shoujobyou and a blog for posts about the production of Shoujobyou. They also sold CDs at a couple of Comiket’s. They also announced a stellar cast of voice actors for the game, such as Tomose Tamiyasu.

What happened to 貴森裕友?

After being a fan of his art for over a year I decided to see if I could fine any information on the guy, with the help of a couple interpreters for the language barrier.

The most logical place to start for information would be the people he worked with at Duke, so I approached them with the help of Mazyrian.

The result? Yet11 never met the guy and Kingetsu didn’t have a close relationship with him.


And now I have no more leads….

Before Duke and after Duke


Before Duke(and possibly after) he released his own doujinshi and had some manga published by Rapport Comics(Now bankrupt).

He’s also credited to have worked on an issue of Fanroad(Seems to be a doujin magazine). And that’s all I could find.





Comic Papipo was an adult manga magazine for adults. Papipo ran from the early 90s – 2007.

貴森ゆう is credited for several issues of said magazine, but only two from what I’ve found have been scanned – which he only did a single illustration for.

Note: This list is probably not complete.

COMIC パピポ 99年7月号

COMIC パピポ 1996.11

COMIC パピポ 2000年2月号

COMICパピポ 1996/6





Many people seem to have the idea that Minori are xenophobic or something nonsense. Hopefully this will convince a few otherwise.

“Minori hates foreigners! Xenofags!”

This is completely misguided. It seems you took some trolls words at face-value.
Minori is a company located in JAPAN.

“Why don’t they release all their games here? They must hate us!”

1) Minori has their own shit to worry about.
2) No one will buy Minori games because of “LOL FUG MINORI”

“Why are they blocking their site from foreigners then?”

Because it’s their damn site? The site is essentially useless for most people overseas.

“Minori still hates us!”

No. They don’t like unauthorized translations of their work. Minori strives for quality not QUALITY. No writers wants their readers reading terrible translations.

yande.re 99575 amamiya_yuuko detexted ef_~a_fairytale_of_the_two~ fixed himura_yuu nanao_naru

“But they removed they did ___ to Eden* on Tlwiki!”

Uploading scripts is essentially giving people the entire story for free. No company wants their shit uploaded for free.

Some other notes:
1) Minori has to focus staying alive in a dying industry.

“Why should I support Minori?”

1) Their games are different from typical VNs.
2) Their games offer high quality CGs and themes not found in many other VNs
3) All of their games are made with care. You are NOT going to find any other company using so many cgs.
4) Tenmon offers excellent soundtracks for each of their games.

Still not convinced? Do you still think Minori hates you?

Not long ago a German fellow traveled to Japan. Upon his visit he met Minori’s staff members. NBKZ took him to dinner. I don’t think you can say this for any other company, no?

So YOU have the chance to support a unique company that put so much time into releasing ef over here? Instead of supporting one of the few unique developers you spread hate? I ask that you stop doing so.

The only mistakes Minori has made:
1) Choosing MG over JAST. Peter Payne knows his shit while MG are a bunch of incompetent clowns running amok.

2) Releasing Supipara without ero. This is only bad from a business perspective since otaku are dumb.


This is basically a response to a certain misguided article about Rewrite written by some OELVN purist.

I’m going to start by comparing OELVNs to doujinsoft visual novels produced in Japan along with their differences.



Many people praise the “production values” of Katawa Shoujo as if doujinsoft don’t offer higher quality art.

Notice the amateur coloring and fucked up anatomy on the left  compared to the well shaded image on the right.

Katawa Shoujo was developed over several years and it still comes out at such a lackluster and uninspired style.

Even if you ignore the questionable art quality I don’t think you can ignore that the core design and concept were stolen from a popular doujin artist.

I’m well aware that not many doujin visual novels are translated, but that’s no excuse for anyone interested in the medium.  Katawa Shoujo fans only praise the art because they don’t know any better.

This is like comparing a dried piece of shit to a solid diamond. You wouldn’t do that, would you?

A look at their fan base and views:

What Katawa Shoujo does is tell a cliche story with tropes stolen from Japanese eroge, but for some reason they don’t seem to realize this. These people are the type of people who complain about “weaboos” despite reading cheap knockoffs of Japanese porn games. You’ll notice their behavior of them reading machine translations of visual novels while complaining about the prose. Yes, these people don’t seem to understand how languages work and how incompetence will not lead to reflecting the quality of the original work. These are chimps who bathe in ignorance while covered in their own rotting feces. They’ll refuse to accept professional works written by actual accomplished writers and artists. They are basically people who pretend to hate anything Japanese despite masturbating to something that cheaply imitates it.

Where are these people? They are currently being contained in /vg/ by a group of animal hoarders on the run. They spend their days discussing which crippled girl they would fuck or their “feels” towards said girl.

Sadly the authorities are afraid to do something about them in fear of a pack of wild shitposters infesting other boards.

ps: The cripple gimmick in Katawa Shoujo has very little to do with the actual routes in-game.

It’s like playing a game about powerful gods only to find out they spend their days eating ice-cream.

Taking shit to an all new level~

Taking shit to an all new level~

But there’s more! They have another relic named “Analogue: A hate story” written by some guy who pretends to be a woman.

Analogue is a supah srs novel about the interesting culture of Korea and how they treated woman! Sound interesting?

Well you also get extreme feminist propaganda, forced choices, and most of the text consists of e-mails about mostly irrelevant shit~

You’re also in for a treat if you love homicide! The crazy feminist heroine commits “justified” homicide!

Everyone should now live their life aiming to be a crazy feminist terrorist who cross-dresses and ending it by turning into a computer AI!

It’s like Key taking stupid tropes to an all new level of pretentious garbage with fan-fiction-tier prose.

Fans of the genre can also enjoy looking at a white background for most of the games and 2 whole cgs! There’s even a computer cmd prompt!

People interested are recommended to start their own Kickstarter to fund their own project. Be sure to lure them in with special prices for best results!

The goal of this post is to show that there are talented artists in the eroge industry – not those shitty moege artists that can only draw kawaii closeup of some girl.  This list will be updated when I feel like it.

A (somewhat) recent trend is everyone using the same fucking style. Countless copycats flood the market. Most eroge artbooks published are those of  people who simply can’t draw! But most otaku don’t seem to mind.

Moving on….


Promotional image from Realize

Minazuki Tooru

Minazuki Tooru is known for his illustrations on 3 landmark eroge titles for Leaf. Before leaving to work on anime he did the art for Shizuku, Kizuato, ToHeart, Realize, Filsnown, and Rei-Nana.

With some searching you’ll probably notice his unique way of drawing women. Minazuki loves for his women to have thin waists and pink hair. Recently he worked on IM@S with that dude who wrote all the games he illustrated for!

Pixiv Account: http://www.pixiv.net/member.php?id=16671

Twitter Account: https://twitter.com/minaduki_t

Website: http://bungle.cocolog-nifty.com/work/



Sca-ji is a fantastic artist who basically does everything. He runs his own eroge brand, he illustrates, he does backgrounds, and he writes. His artwork is usually very sketchy(see above image) and surreal.

People interested are recommended to pick up his artbook and his work on eroge.

Twitter Account: https://twitter.com/SCA_DI

Pixiv Account: http://www.pixiv.net/member.php?id=465057


Character art for the Aoiro Rinne sequel that never got off the ground

Muramasa Kazuma

Muramasa is probably another artist you’ve never heard of, but you’ve most certainly have seen his art. Murmasa did the art for the Raidy remakes and Cosplay Fetish Academy and those are both available in english from JAST.

His most well known game is currently being translated by Cafe from #vnsociety@Rizon. Muramasa’s future seems to be working on shitty games, sadly.

Website: http://nx.jpn.org/~malce/muramasa/

Twitter Account: https://twitter.com/aemuramasa

Pixiv Account: http://www.pixiv.net/member.php?id=660335


Kawata Hisashi

Kawata Hisashi is the guy who illustrated parts of ToHeart and all of White Album from Leaf .  He has his own artbook which was published by leaf.

I feel that he captured the atmosphere of White Album perfectly. Most artists wouldn’t even bother trying to match the time period their games are from or any of the trends, but this guy does!

Website: http://www012.upp.so-net.ne.jp/abura-ya/

Twitter Account: https://twitter.com/kawata_hisashi



Not to be confused with the doujin artist Fue. Fue’s art  is thing I think of when I imagine fairy tales and colorful art. Fue probably has more variety with her designs than anyone, in my opinion.

She’ll go from drawing an attractive young man, and then to drawing a chubby old man. Her art is just really fun to look at and simple.

Website: http://www.x-qualia.com/

Pixiv Account: http://www.pixiv.net/member.php?id=39717



Youta is mostly known for her artwork for Lass’ 11eyes Crossover and Mahou Shoujo no Taisetsu na koto.

She(?) appears to have a thing for loli-ish characters with big breasts.

Website: http://mpeg7.sakura.ne.jp/

Blog: http://mpeg007.wordpress.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/_youta_


Nakamura Tetsuya

Wonderfully unique and severely underrated. Mostly known for his work on Kusarihime, Seven-Bridge, and Cannon Ball from Liar-soft.

Site: http://kazeyomitey.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/nakamla



Suzuri is another top-tier artist at KeroQ and he loves guns and Kud from Littler Busters. He regularly releases doujinshi at Comiket and is one of the most active artists at KeroQ.

Website: http://www.ye4.fiberbit.net/tennenseki/


Blog: http://tennenseki99.blog115.fc2.com/


Nagaoka Kenzou

Nagaoka Kenzou is mostly known for being the artist, designer, and planner of Sayonara wo Oshiete. He is nothing less than a genius when it comes to art and horror.

His cgs will frighten you with his vivid imagination and attention to detail. He currently sells T-shirts of the eroge he worked on, and works in design.

He has also worked on Craftwork’s for elise, Flowers, SEEK Hell, and a few others. His artwork will always deliver the perfect atmosphere.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/hangpeng

Blog: http://hangpeng.zoku-sei.com/

T-shirts: http://www.upsold.com/dshop/store/hangpeng










Oosaki Shinya

yande.re 25951 kimono niθ thighhighs



Tsuji Santa

yande.re 160998 koike_sadaji megane seifuku

Koike Sadaji







Urabe Katsuto






The art of eroge 1995-2013

The purpose of this post is to show the progress of eroge art with a few comments regarding their styles.


Mid 90s


Yu-No’s title screen

Focus on busty women and beautiful pixel dithering. Artists had to work their ass of to meet absurd deadlines set by the publisher.


Illustrated by Minazuki Tooru

A wide variety of new artists trying to find their own unique style and place in the bishoujo world. Some of these talented artists later moved on to work in the anime industry.

The illustration above depicts the eerie atmosphere of Leaf’s Kizuato from 1996.

Late 90s


Leaf’s ToHeart

With the PC-98 quickly dying in Japan many companies rapidly switched to using Windows. In earlier Windows games you can see some slight pixel dithering like PC-98 games.

There were also games like ToHeart that influenced how people depict their characters and style.  The archetypes ToHeart introduced also resulted in other companies going overboard with their characters personalities….



The adorable robotic maid went on to inspire Tactics(and later Key) to take her clumsy personality to the next level. Tactics introduced a new genre that would revolutionize the bishoujo industry and the entire world.

This revolution was coined “Autism-ge” by fellow otaku of the 90s in reference to their favorite mentally disabled heroines. The artist (Hinoue Itaru) would later become one of the most loved(or hated) people in the eroge market.


Would you like fries with that?

Would you like fries with that?

The early 2000s introduced many unique styles of coloring from various companies. Of course, this makes it my favorite.

Nishimata Aoi began her career in the eroge industry with a company named Basil. They produced mediocre games up until Sorechiru. With Sorechiru Nishimata created some of the most legendary uniforms in the industry.

The uniforms are remembered for their unique style  and greasy smell. Making Sorechiru a fan favorite for fast food fetishists.


Cross Channel translation when?





Minori’s blockbuster hit ef  inspired greasy otaku dweebs to copy their glorious style of SHINY backgrounds. Yes,  various groups were stunned and amazed at the gorgeous art in ef that they couldn’t help but copy it.

This lead to every company forgetting about unique styles and doing the same thing like everyone else. Soon after companies committed suicide in their own piss and shit after realizing what they did.

The only survivors were KeroQ and Light.


The president of Circus after losing his head. Da Capo 4 was soon cancelled indefinitely.


Thus ends the 100% true story of bishoujo art.

Koinu Computer doujins

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